YouTube Star Rikki Poynter’s Testimony


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Rikki Poynter, who is well-known among the YouTube community, made a powerful video testimony this morning.

Huffington Post wrote an article about Rikki on October 2014 about her vlogging activities and how she has changed her platform.

Rikki Poynter may have begun her YouTube career as a beauty vlogger, but her work on camera has recently broadened to include an issue that’s close to her heart.

First of all, Rikki Poynter grew up as a hard-of-hearing person, and she uses speech to communicate. As she gets older, a ripe old age of 24 years, she is going through, what I believe, the identity formation process. She identifies herself with a hearing loss, and then somehow the Deaf Community warmly welcomed her. It had impacted her so deeply that lead her to create this beautiful video this morning.

She emphasizes how much American Sign Language had changed her.

She is our “Ellen”, and if there are more “Ellens” out there, we are HERE to embrace you.

Let’s work together and promote American Sign Language is for everybody, Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf Disabled, and Late Deafened.


Rikki, you rock girl.

Here’s your Pikachu with ASL sign!

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  1. MarkDeafMcGuire Says:

    Aye, it’s always great to communicate in sign. I didn’t realize Ricki started learning ASL but after seeing it here, I have to applaud her for embracing it.

    Did you come up with a whopper sign as well?

    Thanks for spreading the word about Ricki.

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