Deaf Kindred Spirits

Hello everyone!

2016 : Year of Deaf Kindred Spirits!

I can foresee that the year of 2016 will be a very good year for the Deaf Community here and around the world!  Very good year for Deaf babies and children, with their families.  Many Deaf individuals are making positive impact everywhere through social media, galleries, television, movies, and theaters, that helps to recognize American Sign Languages and other world’s sign languages.

With all of your support and encouragement, I have been working on my art projects.

Recently, I plunged and created my very first De’VIA work called, “Deaf Kindred Spirits”.

Deaf Kindred Spirits

Deaf Kindred Spirits

This is colored-pencil and ink drawing, which depicts a Dalmatian encountering a White Dalmatian butterfly.

A high percentage of Dalmatians are born deaf, and many species of butterflies are also deaf, “Therefore, two Deaf Kindred Spirits get together!”

I posted this drawing on my Facebook wall, and it was well received among my friends. If you are interested in purchasing this unique art print.   The size is 13″ x 16″, and it is perfect for 16″ x 20″ frame.

Please visit my Etsy store: AEfron Arts  for more information about the price and shipping costs for this print.

Matthew Moore, who is a publisher of Deaf Life Magazine contacted me and asked me if he could use this picture in his magazine.   I was honored and it is in January 2016 issue.  Go and check this website: and sign up for subscription!   Thank you Deaf Life Magazine!

Deaf Life Deaf Kindred Spiritsdeaf life



Thank you so much for all of your support!

Amy Cohen Efron


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  1. Orkid Says:

    Also one other insect – Praying Mantis is also deaf. Why they are so sharp insects that can catch bigger insects.

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