Look! New VPAD by Viable, Inc.

Check this link that was recently released called VPAD, the new videophone by Viable, Inc.

Viable’s VPAD

This link comes with the product’s specifications, and a great flash video demonstration! Go and look!

Viable's VPAD Image


Oh my gawd, I got this email from Glenn Lockhart, Corporate Communications (PR Guy) of Viable, Inc., that he took the picture of VPAD at Las Vegas!


Straight from the CES Unveiled event (pix attached)!

The media attention we’ve been receiving here has been truly incredible.

Thanks for your support!

Glenn Lockhart
Corporate Communications

VPAD Picture!

Another picture published in Tech Digest

CES 2008: Viable’s video phone for deaf and hard of hearing


Oooo…. ooooo!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this product, so that I can compare this with Sorenson’s VP200, and SnapVRS’s Ojo.

Read the newest press release about VPAD that was unveiled at the 2008 International CES conference in Las Vegas today (January 5, 2008).

Press Release

Of course, I have questions about this product…

1. Does this VPAD come with rechargeable batteries?
2. Does this VPAD’s Power 12V DC with AC power adapter compatible with DC to AC Car Adapter if I need to plug in my car?
3. How heavy is it? It comes with a carrying case, and I want to know how heavy I’ll have to carry this.
4. Since it comes with an option using Ethernet jack or Wireless. What kind of wireless standard? Is it 802.11g or 802.11b? Or is it similar to our pager’s wireless standard? GPRS (new international wireless standard) available to GSM (Global System for Mobile telecommunications) networks? PCS networks? Which one????
5. This VPAD comes with Audio/Video In/Out – connecting with TV? DVD? LCD Projector? What is the purpose of having audio/video in/out slots?
6. This VPAD has SD Card, and it seems like it can be used as Digital Picture Frame. What are other files I can download from SD Card? Can I download videos?
7. This VPAD comes with USB 2.0 slot (how many? only one?) and can I connect with any kind of USB keyboard?
8. This VPAD comes with headset, for who? for VCO users?
9. It would be great that the flash video demonstration has a zoom feature for me to zoom-in to see the product closely, especially the slot areas.
10. What kind of interface the VPAD will be showing? Is it the same with Viable Vision interface?

and, my last question…

11. How can I get this product? How much does it cost? How will this be distributed?

Sorry — more questions…

12. What way people can call in? Using 10-digit phone number or IP address? I sincerely hope it is 10-digit phone number.
13. Will I use this VPAD to make VRI (Video Relay Interpreting) calls with understanding that I pay for the services?
14. Will this VPAD have a basic operating system including email/AIM/ICQ procotol?
15. Do I need to purchase a new wireless router for this VPAD?

Viable? Are you watching? We are waiting for your answers…

Congratulations, Viable, Inc.!

58 Responses to “Look! New VPAD by Viable, Inc.”

  1. judith muschette Says:

    I would like to see what look alike ojo pls send to me about imformantion ok thank u

  2. Richard&Annette Hardy Says:

    i think this is great for deaf people you get to know what is happening and stuff i want to get the Viable’s VPAD 2 for me and my wife

  3. Philip & Rana Sammour Says:

    We both are so anxious to have VPAD. We looking forward to a modern era to the deaf world. We love this idea. So, please send us more info and how we can get VPAD.

    Philip and Rana Sammour

  4. Karen Truther Says:

    Got my VPAD at the Pomona Expo. Like any new Beta Version it has some problems. But the biggest issue is that if you get your VPAD engraved (a free offer at the Expos), VIABLE voids your warranty on the VPAD! (a fact not disclosed to people). My friend, who also got her VPAD at the Pomona Expo, had hers engraved…and now, since she has issues with the VPAD, unrelated to the engraving, she was told she can’t exchange it. She isn’t eligible for any sort of support. Is this Viable’s way of saving money…since, of course there are going to be issues with beta versions. I hope they do the right thing.

  5. Kathy Says:

    hi,Is it with internal battery pack.what is the specification of the internal battery pack.How long can it last.I am now in contact with sean,i will be appreciated it very much if you can provide me more details.It will help use to work out a new external battery pack for VPAD

  6. laura hinton Says:

    i am deaf i want vpad …

  7. Dan Terry Says:

    I’m not a deaf person but I have a son and two grandsons who are deaf. My wife and I have looking for a media to communicate with our son and grandsons live to stay in touch and continue with our sign language skills. How will device help me?

  8. harshad patel Says:

    I YOU see VIABLE good thank you