I have no words to describe this….

June 17th, 2016


I have no words to describe this recent “A Message from My Heart” written by Emilio Alonzo-Mendoza, who is an Executive Director of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Mr. Alonzo-Mendoza used the Orlando tragedy to compare with recent “online verbal bullying” against the organization, and calls for…

“Let’s change the way we listen and speak to each other – after all, listening and speaking is what AG Bell is all about. Let’s hear what people are trying to express about their experiences without dashing their hopes for the future. As we listen to others, we hope that we also will be heard – without hate, without derision, without intolerance.

Let’s speak with intelligence, with compassion, and with an open mind. Each of us carries the hurts of the past with us; but by sharing our knowledge and working together, we can achieve new advances that ensure that each generation will face fewer hurts than the one before. We cannot do that through hate, but only with the knowledge that our world is constantly changing and so must we.”

Did Mr. Alonzo-Mendoza realizes that the first week of April when Ms. Meredith Sugar posted her thoughts on AG Bell Website, called open letter to Washington Post (which was never printed in the Post) belittling Nyle DiMarco which caused the firestorm?

Did Alonzo-Mendoza ever responded to Gallaudet students’ request for a reasonable dialogue which was never been followed up? Gallaudet Student Body Government requested…

We are formally requesting that you and other members of the AG Bell Association come to the Gallaudet University campus to engage in a dialogue with the Student Body Government along with a variety of student representatives. We believe that we can reach a level of understanding and collaboration in pursuit of equity, inclusion, and diversity. As an organization that claims to represent the deaf and hard of hearing, you have a social responsibility to be collaborative with us.

Due to the gravity of this situation, a meeting should take place at some point next week. We anticipate a response by Friday, April 8th at the latest.

Their only response is a follow up letter, and there was no face-to-face meeting scheduled since April 4, 2016.

Yet, it is quite convenient for Mr. Alonzo-Mendoza to write up “A Message from My Heart” to pinpoint their fingers at us?

It reeks with hypocrisy.

Keep digging…

I have no words to describe my reactions after reading this. This short GIF video succinctly explains what AG Bell did today.

Amy Cohen Efron